Weekend Open Forum: Your favorite video game genre

When it comes to game genres, most people favor fast-paced action and shooting games, or at least that’s where the bulk of publishers’ budgets go to as it’s usually less of a risk compared to other kinds of games. According to the Entertainment Software Association’s last Essential Facts report, 24.5% of games sold in 2015 across any platform where shooters, followed by 22.9% for action games and 13.2% for sports.

If you look specifically at PCs, however, the balance is heavily tilted towards strategy games (36.4%), with casual games representing 25.8% of the market and role playing sitting at 18.7%. Shooters are only fourth on that list at a surprising 6.3% followed by adventure games at 5.9%.

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For this Weekend Open Forum, we’re asking what is your preferred video game genre, and what are some of the best titles you’ve played within that category. As a side note, don’t forget to check out our most anticipated games for 2017 for some inspiration.

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