Updated: The 10 best Android Wear watch faces

One of the best features of Android Wear is the ability to quickly switch the style of your smartwatch by changing faces with a few swishes of the finger.

If you’re using an Android Wear smartwatch with iOS, you only have access to a select few through the Android Wear app. Unfortunately, that means that most of these won’t work on an iPhone.

On the other hand, Android users can download these to their phones right away and have the entire Google Play store to peruse for new watch faces.

Here are the best-looking watch faces on the Google Play store. Of course, I made my selections based on taste, so a few of you will probably disagree. Feel free to pop in your suggestions in the comments below.

Android Wear

This watch face is one of the more functional options available, showing the temperature, date, steps and more on the screen.

Android Wear

This animated watch face has a lot of pop and reminds me of the old Windows screen saver with the vector shapes that bounce off of the corners of the screen. While cool, this one is a bit battery intensive.


After something a little more vibrant than the other Android Wear faces included so far? Go for the Harajuku Kawaii watch face from Japan. The design is a little much for some, but it comes with lots of color, pictures of sweets and strange animations to make your wrist look bright and beautiful.

Android Wear

I enjoy having this one as my primary because it automatically pairs two nice-looking colors together depending on the time of day. It never looks quite the same. It’s bold, yet readable.

Android Wear

If you’re a current Android user, you’ll recognize the hints of Material Design in this watch face. It’s a normal ol’ clock that’s been Lollipop-ified, which makes it look incredibly slick and smart. And if you download the watch face, you’ll have access to many more for free, and be able to customize your own.

Android Wear

Here’s another good one. I have a feeling this watch face will be divisive. I enjoy that it’s simple at its roots, but very different from the others in that it has a stained-glass look. Other than the watch hands, it isn’t animated. But, it’s so vibrant that it doesn’t really need to be.


This one suits your round watch better, but it comes with a simplistic and interesting design. Plus it will work on square Android Wear devices if you have one. This is sure to grab the attention of everyone around you when you tap it for the time.

Android Wear

Another basic watch face, but this one has a clever trick. Each of the hands are represented as dots, and they are connected to each other with a line, creating a dynamic triangle. It’s a little tough to read at times, but it’s so neat that I’m not really bothered by it.

Android Wear

For those who want their Android Wear smartwatch to look more like an Apple Watch, this one’s for you. Each watch hand is represented as a circular bar that grows in length as time passes by. It looks good, but there’s a learning curve to learn how to glance at the bars q

uickly to get the time.

Android Wear

Invert is one of the more intuitively designed and gorgeous watch faces designed for Android Wear. As time ticks by, a colored square is chipped away, revealing a new, bold color. It’s incredibly basic, but one of my favorites.

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