Star Wars Battlefront II Introduces Arcade Mode

Star Wars Battlefront II is a much more substantial game than its predecessor from 2015, and one of the new additions is Arcade mode – a place where players can hone their skills alone or with a friend (console only).

Arcade mode (over all the Star Wars eras) lets you test out heroes and classes offline using custom loadouts and battle configurations with A.I. allies and enemies. On consoles you can also invite a friend and battle with them or against them in splitscreen.

Rewards in the mode ca

n be used elsewhere in the game, and it features challenges and scenarios to try and keep you enticed.

The upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II beta (starting Oct. 4 for pre-order people, Oct. 6 for everyone, and ending on October 9) features Arcade mode, with a 10-on-10 team battle and a hero vs. many scenario with Darth Maul.

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

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