New Red Dead Redemption II Trailer Confirms Prequel Setting

Last October, Rockstar finally shared a trailer that gave us a glimpse of the gorgeous vistas awaiting players in Red Dead Redemption II. Nearly a year (and a delay) later, we finally have an idea of what’s at stake in the new Western. 

As we guessed from the first trailer, at least some of RDR II is a prequel. The trailer features an outlaw named Arthur Morgan, a female character (is that Bonnie?), and a familiar face in Dutch van der Linde, the leader of John Marston’s former gang and one of the men on Marston’s kill list in Red Dead Redemption. You also see another deceased person from Dutch’s gang, Bill Williamson, in the background of the train robbery scene. 

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Watch the trailer here:

For a detailed breakdown of the trailer, check out our analysis.

Red Dead Redemption II is still slated for a spring release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

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