Instagram Introduces Type Mode for Text-Based Stories by @MattGSouthern

Instagram continues to build on its popular stories feature with an update geared toward text-only stories.

Now stories can be published without a photo or video. Type mode allows users to create messages using a variety of typefaces and backgrounds.

Type mode can be accessed from the camera screen with an option under the record button reading “Type.” Simply select type mode and write a message.

From there, different text styles can be selected from the top of the screen. Text styles include options such as “Modern,

” “Neon,” “Typewriter,” and “Strong.” Specific words in the message can be highlighted for added emphasis.

Select a background color after styling the text and the story is then ready to post. Here are a few examples:

The new text styles can also be applied when text is added to photos and videos. To start publishing text-based stories on Instagram download the latest update from your device’s App Store.

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