Google My Business Lets Restaurants Add Menus to Listings by @MattGSouthern

Google My Business is giving restaurants the ability to add and edit menus directly in their GMB listing.

To be clear, this is different than the feature that existed previously where restaurants could add links to their menus. A feature also existed where restaurants could create and edit menus via the GMB API or third-party menu services.

Instead of going through the GMB API or a third-party service, restaurants can now add a structured menu right in their own GMB page.

Menus can be

added using the GMB Info tab. The editor will allow restaurants to add menus with multiple sections (appetizers, entrees, drinks, etc.), which can include the title, description, and price of items.

The new menu editor will only be available for restaurants in English-speaking locales, provided their listing is not currently connected to a third party provider. Menus will only be available to view when using a mobile device.

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