Bennett Foddy Wants To Hurt Players With The Trailer For His QWOP Followup

Just get over it already. Bennett Foddy, the developer behind the ragdoll track simulator we never knew we wanted, QWOP, released a trailer for his new game. It’s meant to hurt us. 

The trailer for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy centers around a man who, with his lower body stuck in a cauldron, must swing a hammer against the ground with QWOP-like levels of success in order to climb a mountain. It’s a fun, ridiculous premise made better by animations that imply the controls are similar to QWOP’s intentionally tricky design.

Smooth, lounge piano jazz plays behind the man’s struggles, as Foddy intones a spoken word poem that explains his reaso

n for creating the game. 

“Why did I make this?” Foddy ponders, only to answer tha question later in the trailer: “I created this game for a certain kind of person, to hurt them.”

Expect the hurt to begin soon. Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy launches on the Humble Monthly Bundle on October 6 and on Steam in December.

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