Prepare for ToS raid release (how to)

Prepare for ToS raid release (how to)   Tomb of sargeras expansion is upon us! Are you prepared? Well, if not, check out this small guide! With the coming release of a new raid in mid June You should startĀ stockpiling materials to capitalize on. I wanted to put out my list of mats I am stockpiling for those who might not be as keen or knowledgeable on what to pick up while the prices are low. Felslate/leystone ore: prospect for

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Blood of Sargeras Vendor Macro

Blood of Sargeras Vendor Macro (Updated)   /script BuyMerchantItem(1) Order Resources Cach /script BuyMerchantItem(2) Lean Shank /script BuyMerchantItem(3) Fatty Bearsteak /script BuyMerchantItem(4) Big Gamy Ribs /script BuyMerchantItem(5) Leyblood /script BuyMerchantItem(6) Wildfowl Egg /script BuyMerchantItem(7) Cursed Queenfish /script BuyMerchantItem(8) Mossgill Perch /script BuyMerchantItem(9) Highmountain Salmon /script BuyMerchantItem(10) Stormray /script BuyMerchantItem(11) Runescale Koi /script BuyMerchantItem(12) Black Barracuda /script BuyMerchantItem(13) Aethril /script BuyMerchantItem(14) Dreamleaf /script BuyMerchantItem(15) Foxflower /script BuyMerchantItem(16) Fjaneskagll /script BuyMerchantItem(17) Starlight Rose /script BuyMerchantItem(18) Leystone /script BuyMerchantItem(19) Felstate /script BuyMerchantItem(20) Stonehide

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