Difference between a Challenge and a War

Difference between a Challenge and a War   Archon! Do you and your Coalition know the difference between a Challenge and a War? Learn this information and be the wisest Archon in Hellas! Challenge: – always lasts 7 days – the restrictions for attacking Pantheons do not change – there is no way to cancel a Challenge which has already been laid down – a Challenge can be ended in only 7 days War: – there are no restrictions for

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Sparta: War of Empires map layout and its coordinate system

War of Empires map layout System Understanding the SWOE (Sparta: War of Empires) map layout as well as its coordinate system is rather straightforward if one views this whole topic as an experiment in grade school Euclidean geometry. Remember geometry, that part of math wedged in with algebra which you were sure you would never again need as long as you live (unless you were prepping for calculus on the nerd-fast track :-)? Well, here it’s back to haunt you.

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SEO 2016 WordPress

SEO 2016  WordPress Ranking high in Google in 2016 is more about the delivery of a satisfying end product to users than it is tweaking meta tags or keyword stuffing text. You can hire me today to review your site. I can QUICKLY deliver clear direction on what you need to do to your website to get more traffic from Google. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation in 2016 is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility

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