Samsung Galaxy S8 video leaks show new phone in full

Samsung Galaxy S8 video leaks

It’s still more than a month away before Samsung officially shows off the Samsung Galaxy S8, but that isn’t stopping some eager eyes from taking a peek at the unannounced flagship phone.

Two videos have recently surfaced showing what looks undoubtedly like Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy successor in action, according to Phone Arena.

The first video, courtesy of Slashleaks, shows not just the supposed S8, but another device claiming to be the larger Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

The video lines up the two phones together, showing us the size difference, ports (headphone jack confirmed?), and all-screen front face for each handset.

The second video, provided by MobileFun’s YouTube page, claims to show the S8’s keyboard – including digital buttons on the bottom of the screen in place of the Galaxy S-series’ normal three-button setup.

A quick PSA to future mobile videographers: humans typically have two eyes arranged horizontally, so shooting in landscape is probably a better way to go than giant black bars eating over half the screen. Just pointing that out.

Framing gripes aside, both videos are convincing and appear to back up previous leaks and rumors; it’s stil

l always wise to take unconfirmed visuals with healthy skepticism.

As for when we’ll finally get the word from Samsung itself on its next big mobile device, the electronics giant is teasing an event on March 29 that we are 99.99% certain will host the S8’s official reveal, finally putting speculation to rest.

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