What to disenchant for blood of sargeras?

Disenchant for blood of Sargeras is the most common and if not the easiest, one of the most easy ways to acquire blood of Sargeras.

What should I DE to get them?Which Proffesion should I have and what item gives the most chaos crystal?

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The two winners here is tailoring/leatherworking. In both proffesions we craft the same equivalent item which is ‘bracers’. Both cost either 9 shaldorei silk or 9 stonehide/stormscale (depending on the mat price) leather. Usually you choose the one that’s cheaper in your server.


I will advice you to craft  [Warhide Bindings] because it’s 785 itemlvl which means that if it procs epic will give you a better % for a chaos crystal and a better % of blood of sargers on any quality due to it’s item level while the tailoring one is 10-20 itemlvls below!

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