Best places to Farm Bloods with Skinning

Best places to Farm Bloods with Skinning

Bloods as we know are the most important mat in Legion but yet the hardest to come by. As a skinner with a bloodhunter shoulder enchant you can pretty much gain them extermely easily! But, the true question is,  where are the Best places to Farm Bloods with Skinning?

-Are the goats in Highmountain

-the Crabs in Stormheim

-If you’re a twink skinner you can do the EoA crabs and HoV right side chain pulling bears. -In SH you can do the bears by val and in SH you can do the wolves in the ravine near a FP that I can’t think of off hand right now.

-In aszuna you can do the sea lions by the falcosaurs and you can also do the falcosaur farming with the profession stirrups to not get dismounted while skinning and just server hop and skin when the WQ is up in aszuna. T

These are some of the best so far. I will update it as soon as I can . If you got any better spots please comment below!

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