Is prospecting profitable in Legion ?

There are many discussions about prospecting and many good calculations. Like this great excel sheet, yet I am too lazy to fill in an excel sheet to determine if prospecting is profitable or not, there must be an easier way.

Using the formulas from the above excel sheet and the proc rates shared by Lazy-Goldmaker I made an easy one click TSM shopping card operation to see if mass prospecting is profitable.

ta-find="_12">DISCLAIMER: prospecting is RNG and these are theoretical results. The more you prospect in the thousands, the more you are going to approach the theoretical proc rates. Thus for small amounts of prospecting you can have results that differ from the theoretical average. It can differ positive or negative. Beware that as far as I know there is no bad luck protection, so you could encounter a nasty loosing streak. So I advice prospecting with a healthy margin and with a large amount of ores.

If you find an improvement or have any questions, post them here so we have them centralized.

Some remarks about the formula. It assumes you mass prospect and sell the UNCUT gems & gem chips. You could probably make even more profit by cutting them or even obliterating them. If there is enough demand I could add these options as well, to get a more accurate profit calculation. The AH-cut of 5% has been added to this calculation.

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