Is prospecting profitable?

Is prospecting profitable?


Hello Guys,

Many are keep wondering if Is prospecting profitable. After months of watching the market and analyzing the buyer habits, I came to the conclusion that it totally worth it only IF the market is totally ruined by farming Bots. For example, In twisting Nether (horde side)  [Felslate] is on 19g each and  [Leystone Ore] on 8-9g Each. What does that mean? That you can buy, stockpile everything and on the busy days you choose if you either prospect (and pray tou RNjesus for good procs). Keep in mind that prices on the gems etc also get ruined pretty often. The solution to this is to buy them up and change the market scene of that specific item and make the hell out of it!


An example, On  Wed 8.03.17 I made a lot of gold from dawnlight/shadowrubys only. There were only few on the market so I bought them all! The price got dropped a lilttle bit (because as usual I overprice the gem market) But still, I tripled the profit.

Is prospecting profitable?

The steps are the following to assure that prospecting is profitable in World of Warcraft.

  • Check the prices often for a week.
  • Take note of the big material sellers (prolly bots) but try to keep in touch with them to supply you for cheaper.
  • Bark on the trade chat for cheaper prices and that you are going to buy ’em all!
  • Pray to RNjesus 🙂

TLDR: TO make prospecting profitble in wow, is not only the RNG and the price of the materials that matter. Are other factors too which you have to keep in mind. The most important thing is to change the market prices on specific items that you want to sell, so you can make a profit out of this.


I hope I helped. For further questions please comment 🙂

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