Blood of Sargeras Vendor Macro

Blood of Sargeras Vendor Macro (Updated)


/script BuyMerchantItem(1) Order Resources Cach

/script BuyMerchantItem(2) Lean Shank

/script BuyMerchantItem(3) Fatty Bearsteak

/script BuyMerchantItem(4) Big Gamy Ribs

/script BuyMerchantItem(5) Leyblood

/script BuyMerchantItem(6) Wildfowl Egg

/script BuyMerchantItem(7) Cursed Queenfish

/script BuyMerchantItem(8) Mossgill Perch

/script BuyMerchantItem(9) Highmountain Salmon

/script BuyMerchantItem(10) Stormray

/script BuyMerchantItem(11) Runescale Koi

/script BuyMerchantItem(12) Black Barracuda

/script BuyMerchantItem(13) Aethril

/script BuyMerchantItem(14) Dreamleaf

/script BuyMerchantItem(15) Foxflower

/script BuyMerchantItem(16) Fjaneskagll

/script BuyMerchantItem(17) Starlight Rose

/script BuyMerchantItem(18) Leystone

/script BuyMerchantItem(19) Felstate

/script BuyMerchantItem(20) Stonehide Leather

/script BuyMerchantItem(21) Stormscale

/script BuyMe

rchantItem(22) Unbroken Claw

/script BuyMerchantItem(23) Unbroken Tooth

/script BuyMerchantItem(24) Shaldorei Cloth

/script BuyMerchantItem(25) Arkhana

/script BuyMerchantItem(26) Ley Light Shard 3


WARNING: No need to copy the name of the Item!!


If you want multiple of something then you just put multiple lines into a macro and bam hit it.

/script BuyMerchantItem(18) Leystone


/script BuyMerchantItem(20)DREAMLEAF


/script BuyMerchantItem(18,20) Leystone

The 2nd number is quantity, which should work, i wouldn’t see why not. It works with other vendors of the same type.

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