Prepare for ToS raid release (how to)

Prepare for ToS raid release (how to)


Tomb of sargeras expansion is upon us! Are you prepared?

Well, if not, check out this small guide!

With the coming release of a new raid in mid June

  • You should start stockpiling materials to capitalize on. I wanted to put out my list of mats I am stockpiling for those who might not be as keen or knowledgeable on what to pick up while the prices are low.
  • Felslate/leystone ore: prospect for gems, cut rare gems and make uncommon gems into rings to DE. More ilvl increases means a likely chance of a piece dropping with a socket will be an actual upgrade. Capitalize on the uncommon gems as DE materials by making use of them.
  • Leather/Cloth: DE shuffle for Mats to enchant. More gear upgrades means more enchants needed, expect a increase in enchants and enchanting materials to sell.
  • Felwort: new raid means new bosses, this means more people swapping talents on a regular basis until they have stuff on farm. Mill them and make Tomes.
  • Potions/Flasks/Herbs : seeing flasks and pots are at an all time low right now, probably a good idea to stock up prior to the raid as prices will likely increase, how much is hard to say. This is probably the riskiest of the investments, don’t over stock for your server population or flood the market.
  • Meat/Fish: stock is up on most servers while demand is fairly low right now for feasts, look into what you need for the 500 main stat feasts and stockpile these as prices will surely rise.


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TIP: Check wowprogress and check the guilds on your server. Check the raid days, how hardcore they are and try to befriend players from those guilds so you can sell to them cheaper than the ah as long as they will buy only from you!


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