Tips from a long term player in Stormfall

Hello Stormfall residents!


First, a little about myself. I am Codd, Marshall of the league “Apex”. We are currently ranked 7th in the world, and a proud member of the WE alliance.  I have spent time and money playing this game, and I’ve decided to share my wisdom with you



The purchasable currency of Stormfall, almost all actions in game are affected by the use of saphires. Plarium makes it so easy to buy these gems, and they have their perks, at least short term. It went take you log ti lose what you’ve purchased, as everything is subject to loss. A society of immediate gratification fuels this charge, which increases the desire for this fictional currency.


Now that I am on the other side, my advice to you; it can wait. Saphires do come in (admittedly very slowly), but if you are patient, you can have the cool castles, the strongest troops, and the best defenses, all without spending a dime. So before you buy anything, take a minute to figure out how long it would take you to get the things you want for free. You’ll be surprised.



Starting,  upgrading, and maintain leagues will cost you saphires. So, if you want to start your own league, be prepared to spend cash. Otherwise, the best way to enjoy Stormfall is with like minded people. Read through different league’s info pages to find one that matches your game style. Remember,  you don’t need to start from the top. Find a good home to develop.



It can be easy to get mixed up in battlefields. You heär the stories of rewards other players got, and you want that too. So, you throw everything you have at a battleground, and suddenly you lose everything with no reward.


Battlegrounds pay out roughly every 1 out of 3 victories. That means 2 are nothing but losses. So, rather than shootingg yourself in the foot, only send replaceable troops. Though making these armies is slow, it is far more effective. Again, be patient. It pays off.




Settlements,  especially sapphires,  are fiercely fought over. Because of the frequency of attacks, most players, including high leveled players, will only keep one unit garrisoned. This reduces losSes. If someone has a larger defensive presence, then avoid that settlement. Always send 5 or so spies before attacking. If you fail to spy, find a different target.


If someone takes your settlement, do not immediately attack in retaliation. The player is likely online, and will attack you right back. This turns into  vicious cycle with little to no reward. Wait about 45 minutes.


Sapphire mines are generally not worth the effort.



Beacons are what gives league status in Stormfall. That being said, leagues will have a huge garrison defending these. If you plan to attack, you’ll need several players with high troop strength. Be sure to check the occupied leagues info for allies as well to avoid friendly fire, and to make sure you don’t end up fighting more than one league.



The best ways to gain resources are production and “farming”. Always level your mines, farms, and townhouses to maximize your production. Also, keep an eye on surrounding castles. If they are not leveling our having an active paragon status, it likely means that player has quit. Their castle is likely empty, and you can now “farm” them for resources whenever you need them.



Lost arts are where you’ll discover and upgrade troops. Though the first tier of scrolls are unlocked one at a time for free daily,  the rest require soul stones to unlock. S

o, find The troop type you want, and work on getting the scrolls building up to it.


It is possible to manipulate which scrolls you unlock everyday. Your daily scroll is either for your current tier, or the next one up. If you want to finish the tier you are in first, hold off on “discovering” an art on the next tier until you get ask the scrolls you want for your current tier.


These are some brief outlines of things you’ll encounter on Stormfall. If you have any questions, or wound like me to go into further detail on something, simply ask!


Good luck out there.


  • Msmith

    Hi Codd,

    Great advice. Would it be possible for you to make some comments about marshalling? I have taken over a league with about 25 very active members (lvls 50 to 75) and that have been playing between one and four months.

    I inherited a level 5 fortress and was wondering what I should be preparing for in the future… Is it to upgrade our fortress to level 8? We have won a couple of challenges where we practiced logistics and basic tactics.

    There is not much help out there, so whatever you could share would be helpful.



  • Brodie

    How do you make allies with other leagues

    • Hi there, What do you mean exactly? If you belong to a league, you must have the appropriate rank so you can make them your allies.

  • Bianca LeRue

    Are you still giving advice to help players?


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