Hero in Stormfall the ultimate user guide.


Hello, my Lords and Ladies! New Heroes are coming to Darkshine to help you defeat your enemies with much more ease and strengthen your army!

Why do I need a Hero?

Well, firstly, it is really cool! Secondly, you are getting a faithful companion. Not only does it look great but also enhances your Units’ characteristics. Although you can only have one Hero, you can change your Hero’s appearance and name at any time by using the Hero window. The Hero has 3 different looks for you to choose from.

Equipment and Inventory

Equipment is the term for your Hero’s special Items, which boost your Units’ characteristics. Each piece of Equipment has distinct qualities that will improve the effectiveness of certain Unit Tiers, either Offensive or Defensive, depending on the Equipment itself. In total, you will have 8 slots to store your Items.

Offense Items: Ring, Gloves, Sword, Boots.

Defense Items: Ring, Helmet, Shield, Chest armor.

Items vary by Tier and level. Each Tier gives a bonus to certain Unit types.

Tier 1 Items improve Infantry Units

Tier 2 Items improve Cavalry and Infantry Units

Tier 3 Items improve Occult, Cavalry, and Infantry Units

Tier 4 Items improve Bestiary, Occult, Cavalry, and Infantry Units

The higher the level of the Item, the more bonuses it gives. There are four types of Items: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythical.

All Equipment Items can be broken into Moon Coins. The amount of Moon Coins you get from breaking an Item will depend on its Tier. You can use the Moon Coins to upgrade your Items. The Items have 6 levels (Basic, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5).

Once all of the Slots have been filled, you may Break Equipment Items into Moon Coins. Alternatively, you may remove Hero Chests in order to free up space. If your Inventory is full, any new Equipment Items collected will be automatically sent to the Temporary Inventory. You can unlock new Inventory slots using Sapphires.


Items in the Temporary Inventory will be stored for 2 days after they are found, after which time they will be destroyed unless you move them to your Inventory or equip your Hero with them. The Inventory mechanics may seem similar to those of Relics. That is because they are.

 Chests, Chest Keys, and Hero Packs

Some pieces of Equipment can be used immediately , while others will come locked in Hero Chests. To open a Hero Chest, you will need the appropriate Chest Keys. Chest Keys are also found at Battlegrounds, but if you do not want to wait until you get the Key you need, you can always purchase the required Chest Key from the Black Market.


There are three Levels for every Chest: Uncommon, Rare, and Mythical.


However, the quickest way to better equip your character is by using Hero Packs. Hero Packs contain a set number of Equipment Chests and their matching Chest Keys. There are four types of Hero Packs that can be obtained from the Black Market:


– Class I Hero Pack: Tier 1 Items

– Class II Hero Pack: Tier 2 Items

– Class III Hero Pack: Tier 3 Items

– Class IV Hero Pack: Tier 4 Items

Important! Each Hero Pack can only be purchased ONCE. You will need to discover certain Lost Arts to un

lock the possibility to purchase certain Hero Packs.


  • Items that seem identical may in fact be different. Namely, they may require your Hero to be of a certain level in order to be applied.
  • Items of the same Tier may give different bonuses. For example, a Tier 1 Item may give a 1% Bonus to the stats, while another Tier I Item may increase the characteristics by 1.5% or 2%.
  • Equipment Items cannot be earned in PvP.

Your faithful companions are there for you. Make haste, my Lords and Ladies! Stormfall is awaiting to see more of your successes!


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