How to earn and spend Sapphires wisely

How to earn and spend Sapphires wisely

How to earn and spend Sapphires wisely

How to earn and spend Sapphires wisely

Heed my words, my Lord or Lady! In this article I will explain how you can earn them wisely, and how you can spend your precious sapphires best!

Paragraph 1 – How does one acquire Sapphires?

There are many ways to acquire the well-known Sapphire. You can in a simple manner purchase them by the bank. But don’t feel hopeless my Lord! I wasn’t done just yet. You can occupy a Hamlet as well, where you can loot the owner’s founds. If you rather have some action then don’t forget to watch any events! A more detailed list below:

  • Purchase them by the bank; It’s greatly recommended to wait for a discount or offer as they give you more!
    Note: The above standing point costs real money!

How to earn and spend Sapphires wisely

  • Occupy a Hamlet; Do not put your dear full defense in your occupied hamlet as other Lords or Ladies might need them too!

  • Participate in events; Events can grant you a lot of rich rewards! But heed my words: Think of a strategy when you need it.

  • Play challenges on the forum; You can earn great items and glory from this as well! Just don’t forget: They are called challenges for a reason.

  • Finish achievements; Examine your achievements and perform them, you will not regret it!

  • Play for 30 days without skipping 1 day; Each 30 days of playing will grant free Sapphires! The daily loyalty roll will tell you when and how much!

  • Strive for entering the Rankings; Players in the top 10 will earn a magnificent rewards!

Paragraph 2 – How does one spend Sapphires wisely?

My Lady, what are you doing?! I understand the urge, but spending everything at once is not the greatest idea I’ve seen! Here, let me explain a nice way of spending sapphires:

  • Wait for discounts at or above 50%; Every 22 hours you gain access to a randomly chosen discount from the wheel of fortune. Yes, it will require patience. No, it’s not as bad as it seems! If your discount is at 50% you will spend half the amount you were going to spend earlier for each item! Now not so fast, you only have a specific amount of items you can purchase with this discount! After you reached the limit, you’ll have
    to wait till another arrives.
  • Think of what will benefit you; Purchasing 75 Paragon Points would be less worthy than a 7 Days Paragon Activation, wouldn’t it? Instead of purchasing items that do not seem so worth it or are too expensive, purchase items with a great value for you!
  • Think twice before you purchase something; It might sound ridiculous, but don’t forget to think thoroughly before you purchase something!

Now my Lord or Lady, with this information in your mind I hope you will understand the ways of this currency better!
>> SlopranoDark

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