Banking Battlegrounds

Banking Battlegrounds

Banking Battlegrounds

Banking Battlegrounds

There are certain core ideas that are needed to clearly understand

These ideas will help players to better understand the system and get rewards.

1) BG’s Works on a bank system

2) The Big Rewards are given once the bank has been paid, plus interest

3) Any Small Reward increases the bank, plus interest

4) Every BG needs its own amount banked to get a big payout from it.


The bank represents a total value of the last reward you received from a Regular Bg. This value must be considered a loan, and the next reward will arrive after successfully eliminating a mission once the loan has been satisfied, with interest.

Nothing in this game is a guarantee, especially when dealing with mathematical algorithms. There are variances, changes and randomness added all the time.


The bank value, also known as ‘The Bank’ is what you need to repay before you get another reward. By adding 12.5% interest to the bank, you reduce the chance of coming in under your bank. Technically the bank should reward you as soon as you reach it, however, it doesn’t always. The Interest will reduce your efficiency in reaching the bank, but help ensure a reward when you arrive.

Can the interest be reduced? Yes, but you run the chance of underestimating and by undershooting the bank on a successful elimination, may either run out of missions or overspend by too much to make the next reward profitable.

Ok, then lets go with an example:

I have received my last big payout lets say, 2800 necromancers.

I have to construct my bank from now and the first i have to do is to set how much in resources are those 2800 necromancers, so i realized they are 29.708.000 in resources.

Now i have to add the interest of 12.5% to that amount: 3.713.500 so my new bank to construct is a total of 33.421.500 of resources.

I begin to spend troops yellowing all bgs i have in my Eagle nest and in some moment i know i have spent 34.000.000. Then is the moment to see which bg is going to pay me. I noticed i have yellowed a level 65 which need arround 32.500.000 to bank for a payout, so i finish it and i should receive a big payout from it.

The process beguins again.

What happens if i finish one bg during my banking run and it pays me a small payout???

Then you have to calculate how much in resources is that small payout.

In the example, that i have to bank 33.421.500 for my big pa

yout i finish one bg and it pays me let say 210 necromancers in a level 58. Then we have to add that amount to the bank plus the 12.5% of interest.

210 necros  2.228.100 resources

12.5% interés  278.512 resources

Total to add _>2.506.612

So now my new bank to construct is 33.421.500 + 2.506.612 = 35.928.112 resources.

This have to be done for every small payout i could get during my banking run.

The point is completing the bank and get the big payout when bank is full and then start all process again.

Hope this can help you all.



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