Ultimate Raiding Guide

Ultimate Raiding Guide

Greetings Archons,

I am Hackerista and this is my Ultimate Raiding Guide.

I’ve seen many people on the forums saying that they cannot earn drachmas. With this guide you can earn from 5k-3k drachmas once per 2 weeks by placing 1st-3rd rank on weekly Raiding.

Ultimate Raiding Guide


What you need to do and have is:

-Have a great list of bot/inactive cities that can give you 100k each raid.

– Best units to use are cavalry. Marauders>Carthaginian>Macedonian>Agemas

– You need 75 agemas, 80 macs, 125 carths or 125+marauders to carry 100k of rss.

-Patience and be cunning to avoid bot def traps.

-Not wasting raids for less than 100k rss.

-Not wasting raids in anything else like ‘raiding’ an enemy city that has attacked you. Better to wait when you are on 0 raids left to retaliate or siege but it’s risky.

Make sure to send on Sunday all 10 raids and make sure it’s going to take at max 24hrs to hit the city after the game resets on Monday so you will have 10 raids available by then and have 10 raids (charged up) available to use them on Monday after the reset so you can get 1 million+ ahead by earning 2 million of rss on Monday, then you just continue normally on doing 1m rss raiding per day.

-Stay focused on the galley trick

We all know that every week we can raid around 7m rss before the game resets on Monday right? Well, true, but you can ‘hack’ the timeframe a bit. By saying hack, I mean taking advantage of the game reset. This is not illegal either an exploit, it’s a game trick.

In a brief: On Sunday send 10 raids to the longest distant city that can grant you 1

00k rss and make sure they going to hit after the game resets on Monday. To achieve more than 24hrs raid put a swordsman in the raid to make it slow.

Et voila, when the game resets on Monday, you will have already 1m rss raided and other 10 raids available, which will place you 1m+ from anyone that week and on Monday instead of having 1m rss you will have by the end of the day 2million rss raided.


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