Sparta Useful Tips

Sparta Useful Tips 

Academy : Use your scrolls in priority and in order on:

– The training speed of the javelineer and swordsman = Both need to be level 40
– The training speed of thureophoros and mounted peltast = the higher level the better
– Veterancy cost: each unit upgraded as veteran in the pantheon will cost you less ori
– Grain consumption: useful once your temple of Demeter is already level 20  and plus the 8% you get out of the grain consumption  is actually huge!

BE AWARE!! : If you make a mistake when you apply your scrolls, you can redistribute them (only once) by clicking on the EDIT button on the upper right corner of the window.

Which buildings to upgrade in priority?
Farms, lumberyards, forges: If you decide to be a defensive player you will need more wood, so lumberyards will be your priority always!On the other hand, If you decide to be an offensive player you will need more bronze, so forges are your priority.
Granary and Warehouse: the higher level it is, the more resources you can hold
Infirmary: upgrade it to level 13 as fast as possible, it will help you revive 30% of your killed troops for free.It is not worth upgrading it to further levels, unless you get sieged very often and you loose your off against the sieger.
Acropolis: aim to upgrade it to level 20
Agora: speeds the construction of your building

Harbor and Port: both are excellent for helping you into growing if you can raid efficiently and can do the galley trick!

GP points and how to spend them
Starting from Argos, you’ll need GP points to sign agreements. You obtain those GP points thanks to the tournaments that you can get at least 50 GPS out of them with minimum cost. Check the Reward tab of each tournament to see when you can gain GP points. That’s why it’s important to participate in every tournament that can give you gps even if you can afford just few thousand to loose so you can get the lowest reward. Because not only you win troops, you also gain GP points which are essential to sig

n agreements as well as boost options and drachmas.

And the one million dollar question: Which agreements to sign first with GP points? I suggest the following order: Argos – Dion – Troy – Olympia – Corinth – Pella – Sparta THEN Cirta – Sidon – Tyre – Carthage – Genoa – Rome

I hope you liked the tips. Feel free to comment below your suggestions and remember to share!

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