Scrolls of wisdom

Scrolls of wisdom

Educating yourselves and your men about the art of war is extremely important, Archons. And without that education, without that wisdom, we would be nothing more than savages – but we have a problem: education and studying takes time, and time is precious!

With the war growing harder and faster by the day, even the most powerful of Archons are running short of time in their day; but my sages have provided a solution:

From this day forth, all Archons shall be able to Boost the speed of studying and Upgrading Scrolls of Wisdom! No longer must you wait patiently for the knowledge to seep into the minds of your men – education is now instantaneous!

You do get like 8 of them from packages u buy that’s why some players have so many spares… but normally as others suggested:



1. when you level up

2. every new Persian position level.

3. they are in some tournaments as rewards.

4. buy for 100 GP



they are hardest and slowest to get commodity in game, but u don’t need them in all troops, just invest in what you build most and go from there, slowly like rest of us

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