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Persian positions

Sparta war of empires position guide by Pathos of EQ.

How payouts work:

  • When you do Persian Positions, every unit you lose ads its resource cost to your loss total until your next payout. So, the higher the total cost of all your dead units the higher payout you stand to gain.Which means that the game calculates this by the “resource value”, as the total cost of resources required to make each unit. For instance, a Swordsman type of unit has a resource value of 300. That’s because to make one swordsman requires 90 timber, 150 bronze and 60 grain (90 + 150 + 60 = 300).  So if you’ve had 100 swordsmen die at positions since your last pay out, your running resource total will be 30,000 (100 swordsmen with a res value of 300 each).So, the trick is to bank the system with low value troops, and get rewarded with high-level troops. “Banking” essentially means sacrificing your units at positions without actually defeating any positions, so your running total of resource value accumulates. You do this by sending units in small groups to positions until it hits the final yellow indicator bar (under the position image), then leave it and move on to another position. You must keep track of how many units you’ve killed since your last pay out so you know you’re running resource value total.Remember that, Persian Positions is 90% investment and 10% gamble. If you follow the strategies on this article, you have a solid chance of seeing a return on your investment but it should be noted that there are no guarantees since you will get faster payment if you throw more expensive units into the greedy Persians!

How to maximize your losses:

  • It is best to only use units you can produce yourself for this. Usually large amounts of light and heavy infantry.
  • When you look at the Persian Positions on the Oracle screen, you can see 5 orangy-red bars under each positions picture. The bars represent the total number of enemy units in the position. Your goal is to send just enough units to get a position down to one bar without conquering it, then move onto another.

How to maximize your winnings:

  • After you are satisfied with the amount of troops you have lost its time to conquer a position.
  • You want to win on the highest lvl positions you have available until you get your payout. Lower level positions give you lesser quality troops and lesser amounts. Always try to get payouts on the highest level positions.
  • Try to go back and forth between your quest lvl offense and defense positions until you get your payout. This can work better if you want to focus on def or off. IF you want def units, hit low level off positions and then after 2 or 3 if you haven’t get your full payout hit a def one to receive the max payout!



  • The
    important thing to know is each level position has a maximum resource value it will pay out.
  • Always be full of resources when you do PP so you won’t get payed in resources!
  • Waste your lights/heavy units
  • Agreements must be on level 20 to the type of units you sacrifice
  • Elixirs must be on the type of units you sacrifice
  • Dominion must be enabled!
  • Hit 2 small level ones and then a big one!

I hope you enjoyed my guide. If you have a different one or disagree with mines than please comment and post your own strategies.


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  • Genf

    Amazing guide!!Thank you!|Donated!

  • fff

    what if you hit several small levels and then one big one?

    • That method is good. It works only if you keep in a spreadsheet the resources you spend and when you are going to get a bank full, otherwise you might get a full reward when your bank is full on a low level.

  • PPmaster

    Not a completely clear picture of how PPs work.
    Yes the game tracks your losses based on resource value of the units killed. All payouts in units and resources are subtracted from what is invested. But there is some form of “interest” on the payout (Or the game also charges you for the value of bonus items you receive) because the total balance at which the payout comes keeps falling. Setting the “bar” at balance zero after a payout, the next payout occurred at about -1 Mill Res, the following at -1.5 Mill, etc. after tracking 500 battles and a dozen big payouts the bar was now around -10.5 Mill. So the game charges you a percentage of your investment to play PPs. Occasionally a payout comes before hitting the threshold but this just lowers the bar for the next payout, so if you’re “lucky” a few times you will eventually hit a long period of no rewards when you have to pay back your entire lucky streak. Since all the math is based on resource values there is no benefit to using better offensive/defensive/maximized/enhanced units. Free units like heroes are useless. Sending defensive units into offensive battles is only harmful to the extent that it takes more troops to clear a position but the game tracks your losses so you will eventually recover most of those wasted units in form of a reward. But the game only gives you back 90-95% of what you invest. Logically if you send 100 Agemas into PPs to get 90 Agemas as a reward you are stupid. To profit from PPs you need to send units that improve an aspect of your game. For example if you trade 100K res of units than took 10 hours to build for 90K res of units that would have taken 14 hours to build you have accelerated the unit production speed in your city. If you raid a lot Resources are less valuable than time.

    • Thank you for your feedback.

      I would appreciate if you got any better ways to be sent via email so I can publish it under your name or you can comment below.

      We must work together to win the war against the Persians!


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