Types of elixirs in Sparta war of empires.

Types of elixirs in Sparta war of empires.

There are eight types of elixirs, corresponding to each unit class for both offensive and defensive purposes:
·         Four for offense: Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Phalanx and Cavalry
·         Four for defence units: Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Phalanx and Cavalry
They  can level between LVL 1 and LVL 12. The higher the level, the stronger they are. To view their attributes, simply place your cursor over it.



glory lvl 4

How to obtain elixirs:

There are plenty of opportunities to obtain them during game play. You can obtain them:
·         By purchasing them at the market within the “Misc” tab
·         As rewards for your participation in Global and PVP quests
·         As rewards for attacking and defending Persian Positions
·         As rewards for scouting, raiding and defending cities
You receive them as “Mystery Chests” that are sent to your Cache at the Sanctum of Asclepius, and you only need to open and extract them.

spoils of war

The Sanctum of Asclepius comes with one activation slot available where you can activate them. If you want additional activation slots, you need to use a Divine Goblet to open them (take into consideration the fact that the Wheel of Fortune offers a promotional opportunity for 1 Divine Goblet).

mystery chest

How to use and mix your elixirs

To use your elixirs, make sure you’ve one activation slot available (the image below shows 3 available activation slots). Then click your elixir to select it, and press the “Activate” button that appears at the activation slot.

Active Elxiris

You can improve the potency of your elixirs by mixing together 2 elixirs of the same level and type so your Druid can provide you with a new elixir of

higher level, up to level 12 (the maximum elixir level).
The higher the level , the bigger bonus they will grant to your troops when activated. To mix your elixirs:
o   Go to your Sanctum of Asclepius
o   Open the Amphora chamber
o   Choose  the ones you want to mix for higher potency (you need to have at least 2  of the same type and level)
o   Click “Mix” so a new one is produced

Sanctum of asclepius


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