Discover Spies in Sparta War of empires

Discover Spies in Sparta

How to discover who is spying in your coal! (TuT) by Prometheus.

Archons! Did you ever feel that your coalition has way to many spies?

I am pretty sure that a lot of coalition has at least one spy in their ranks giving out intel to other coalitions about army statistics, strategies that you try to keep hidden and the most important, capital and pantheon defensive statistics! Especially, when the capital/pvp tours are on players usually try to sneak in your coalition to get out the most information they can!

FEAR NO MORE, Cause I, got the solution!

Discover Spies in Sparta

Discover Spies in Sparta

Over in your profile(account) you can view everyone’s profile now by clicking it. There’s a section of mutual friends there and also all the archons friends from all around Hellas! Click the ‘friend’ you have befriended and check his friends as well as your mutual friends if you already suspect with who he’s dealing already!

TIP: The lower level spies usually don’t have many friends, they are the easier target to check at!

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