Maximize your Denarii production!

Maximize your Denarii production!

Q: First things first, How is denarii used in this game?

A: It is used to buy specialized Roman troops, such as Gladiators and Legionaries.

Today’s tip is for the Denarii currency. Some must know already but most I am pretty sure they do not.

Most people just click on the exchange rss to denarii according to their time schedule or if they just want to put 2300 for 2300 and just update it daily.

DId you know that for you it’s most profitable if you convert your rss into denarii every 1hour which is ‘500’, you will end up with 11k+ in 23hours? The only thing that you need to do is actually to be in front of the computer or just whenever you will have few hours spare time to do it then. People who work in an office environment or on a computer its an easy task to just do that every hour or to pe

ople who got a free day for the game.



The whole denarii exchange is a very reward able system for a player who got time to invest and not drachmas. The most time you put, the better for your roman units(which are powerful)

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