Defensive Positions – Persian Offense Guides and tricks

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Defensive Positions – Persian Offense Guides and tricks

By Aaron Janusz

The estimated calculation for determining the defensive strength of your units against a Persian army is detailed in the Efficiency section below, but you can also use some general assumptions when completing Defensive Positions. As mentioned previously, the efficiency to be gained in Defensive Positions is not as significant as in Offensive Positions.

 Offensive Strength

Unit Units Offense
Asvaran (Cavalry) 100 8000
Dailamite (Light Infantry) 0
Archer (Heavy Infantry) 0
Immortal (Phalanx) 0
Total 8000

In this example you would use the defensive cavalry strength of your units to see which units are favorable. Against an offensive cavalry strength of 8,000 here is the calculation of the number of solo units required to defeat the Persian army.


Cav Defense


Avg Defense

Javelineer 18              445 19.0
Psilos 16              500 22.0
N Archer 30              267 30.0
Peltast 130                 62 150.0
C Archer 130                 62 150.0
Thureophoros 500                 16 400.0
T Thorakites 400                 20 415.0
M Peltast 725                 12 587.5

In order to be efficient you want to use troops that have a cavalry defense that is greater than their average. In this case, against cavalry, Thureophoros and M Peltast are best and Psilos is the worst.

Here is the more complicated example.

Offensive Strength

Unit Units Offense
Asvaran (Cavalry) 100 8000
Dailamite (Light Infantry) 100 2000
Archer (Heavy Infantry) 100 4000
Immortal (Phalanx) 100 6000
Total 20000

The total strength of this position is 20,000 with the majority being cavalry and phalanx. Again the best units against cavalry and phalanx are Thureophoros and M Peltast. It will take less than 20,000 in defensive strength if you use those units. There is a more involved calculation that can be performed to calculate an estimated defensive strength of a unit against a specific

Persian army. This is explained in the Efficiency section below.

As you explore the Positions you will see a wide range of Persian armies – heavy in cavalry strength, heavy in phalanx strength, balanced, etc. Knowing what you are facing can be very helpful. This is where scouting comes into play.

This article was written by Aaron Janusz, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player’s own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.


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