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Game tip by Aaron Janusz

Since there are limits on the amount you can raid from one City in a week. It is important to take the time to build up a substantial Contact List of potential targets. Continue to scout and raid and document your results, and over time, you should have a nice list of targets for raiding.

The game has a feature built in for tracking your targets. When you hover over a City on the World Map, click on the pushpin to add that City to your Contact List.

Click on the pushpin

There are several categories you can choose from by clicking on one of the symbols (hover over them with your mouse to see the descriptions), and you can also type notes into the text box below the symbols.

Add to contacts

Initially you have 50 Contact slots available, and you can purchase more using glory points – 10 additional slots for 50 Glory Points. These Contacts can be accessed with the “To Battle” button in the lower left corner of your City screen.

"To the battle button"

Mission Planner

The Contact List interface can be used to send scouting missions and Raids directly to Cities you have listed there. It will also track the amount of Resources you have raided during the week.

You can also develop your own contact list outside of the game with an electronic spreadsheet or the old-fashioned way – with paper and a pencil. You will need to document the location of each City (their coordinates) and their Acropolis level. You will also want to find out a way to keep

track of when you raid them and how many Resources you seized, so you can determine when they can be raided next.


Some people make use of Sieges to designate their farms. There are two schools of thoughts on Sieges. One thought is that Sieges are fair game for everyone and that no one “owns” a sieged City. The other thought is that Sieges indicate that the City essentially belongs to the occupying Archon.

If you raid a Sieged city that is occupied by someone in the second group, you can expect to receive a Raid in return; you might have just made yourself a new enemy!

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