Treasure Tutorial

 Treasure Tutorial

1. Use Lighthouse, Then click on the Treasure Island tab, to locate them

 Treasure Tutorial

2. Click the Capture Button to Capture it if it is not claimed.

Select OFFENSE to take it and DEFENSE to defend it.

(Some advice) How much you collect is based on your defense you have sitting there

 Treasure Tutorial

3. Now if the treasure is owned by another player, there will be an attack and a capture option

(pictured below). Attack lets you send offense only to just attack it but not keep it.

Capture you send both offense and defense so that you can keep it.

 Treasure Tutorial

4.Once captured, your OFFENSE will AUTOMATICALLY return to your HARBOR while the DEFENSE stays behind to collect resources……..

If the TREASURE you sent to raid becomes EMPTY then your units will return on their own and be in yourHARBOR

5. To access your captured Treasures, go to your Pirate Stronghold Click on TERRITORIES and thenTREASURE ISLAND

 Treasure Tutorial

6. Use the Claim button to claim resources when ready.

*NOTE* When you claim, your defense will return to your Harbour

If your max capacity of your units is reached,

they will also come back automatically with the resources.

The TREASURES are then free for the taking again by anyone

7. Also note that you will not get a notice until your troops

come back from the treasure. then you will receive the amount you have captured


 Treasure Tutorial

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