Massed attacks

Massed attacks

Attacking a Presidio alone is like having dinner with sharks. The sharks are the ones having dinner. Ye get me?

Put yer spicy Rum aside and spare a couple of minutes to read some useful tips on Massed Attacks.

1. A Massed Attack is initiated only by courageous sailors and is supported by two cutthroats from the same Brotherhood.

2. Only Brotherhood Leaders, Brotherhood Advisers, Commodores, and Swashbucklers are authorized to organize and deploy Massed Attacks and manage their Brotherhood Member’s Crew.

3.I see that ye arrr gleefully rubbing yer hands. Hold your horses! A Massed Attack cannot be

used to blockade enemy Havens, they may be used only to capture Targets or attack Presidios.

4. Yer Units arrr influenced only by yer own bonuses, even though yer troops arrr fighting side by side. On the bright side though, yer Units won’t become weaker in case yer lazy Maties did not upgrade their Units.

5. Offence Enhancers. If one of yer Maties made a pile and activated this powerful extra, ye won’t get any benefits. Captain, let me say this again: yer Units – yer bonuses. Savvy?

Still have questions? Discuss Pirate stuff here and drink Rum with yer Hearties!

Massed attacks

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