Lighthouse Adventure Missions

Lighthouse Adventure Missions

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There is a lot of discussion on how to tackle the Lighthouse Missions.  While each player has a technique for Lighthouse Missions (of which I won’t share my own here), there is an ideal and straight forward unit for doing Adventure missions.  That unit is the Gear units.

In the Adventure missions, you are guaranteed a payout.  You actually can see the payout.  They are Brethren Units and Dread Fleet Units.

Now, one could use Brethren Units to tackle the Adventure missions, but that would be silly.  It would be trading units you have won for slightly more units you can win (ie, it is not efficient.)

Alternatively, you can build units to tackle them.  Here, we have several options.  But let’s investigate each.

You could build low tier units, say for instance Marauders, but why?  Those units are actually useful int he Lighthouse Missions .  If you haven’t read it, you have to loose resources in the Lighthouse Missions to obtain your payout.

So if we don’t want to use Brethren troops on the Adventure missions, nor do we want to use low tier resource units, what do we have left?  Gear units, and there are two reasons they are ideal.

First and foremost, using/loosing

gear units in Lighthouse missions does you no good.  They cost gears to build.  And gears don’t count as resources lost.

Second, they are more efficient to be built.  They cost fewer “hard” resources like gold and lumber, and cost no rum to construct.  So if you are trying to be efficient with your resources, then this is the unit to build to be used in the Adventure missions.

I’ll spare you the math (so that you have the challenge to understand it yourself), but the Volley Cannon > Duelist, and the Aquanaut >Gunslinger, in raw terms of efficiency of your resources.

There is a puprose to many units in the game.  Be them like daggers–fast but fragile units–or gear units.  Gear units are to be used on Adventure missions because they are the most efficient use of your resources to win the Adventure prizes.

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