King’s Pardons guide

King’s Pardons guide

Defeating Spanish attacks be not only a very pleasant activity but also a profitable business fer scurvy Pirates. Every young landlubber knows that precious King’s Pardons allow ye to create powerful Pardoned Units that swill less rum and do not blabber so much.


Sometimes our Pirate hearts be desiring to transfer King’s Pardons between Presidios even if we realize that Davy Jones can swallow a big part of ‘em. Don’t be a chicken, matey! Keep calm and consider all risks!



Only Brotherhood Leaders can transfer King’s Pardons.


How far?


The maximum distance be 450 km


Different levels?

If ye decided to transfer Pardons to a Presidio with a higher level ye will lose some King’s Pardons when transporting them through the Seven Seas. The higher the difference between levels, the more King’s Pardons will be lost.


Long distance?

Some King’s Pardons will be lost depending on the distance between Presidios. The greater the distance the less Pardons will be delivered safe and sound.


Pirate! Never beg pardon, come and take what ye deserve!

King's Pardons guide

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