Full Protection and exp boosts!

Full Protection

Every scurvy Pirate has at least once in their thrice-damned life visited a Smuggler’s Den and saw many different Items. Some Pirates buy them there, some prefer to win them during Global Tournaments, some do not use them at all. But only naive sailors prefer not to know anything about them.


Take a moment to read some interesting facts about the new Items – Decoy Army, Experience Booster +50%, and Full Protection.


Full Protection


– You are able to purchase this Item with Rubies and Idols.


– It protects not only Units but also your Resources from such combat actions as Raids, Blockades, and Scouting. Moreover, it protects your Haven from Fireships. Ye will definitely put yer enemy out of their humor as they will lose their Fireship if ye activate “Full Protection”. As for the regular Units, as soon as they reach a protected Haven, they will turn around and go back directly to the Harbor.


– The protection is going to be removed if ye perform any Offensive action, even if it is an innocent Scouting attempt.


– In case ye sent Units towards a Haven but the player activated a shield during the time yer Units were moving towards their Haven, yer Units will simply return to yer Harbor, and ye will get yer Raid attempt back.


– Ye cannot prolong the duration of this Item. Ye will be able to buy one more Item of this type only as soon as yer previously purchased Item is used.


– Ye will not be able to activate “Full Protection” until ye liberate yer Haven.


– This Item does not protect yer Units located on Presidios, Targets, and as Reinforcements in other Havens.


50% XP Booster in battles


– This Item increases the Experience ye get in battles by 50% within 8hr or 24 hr.


– Ye cannot prolong the duration of the Item; however, there be no limits on how many Items of this type ye can purchase.


– Like other Items, it will be located at yer Smuggler’s Den, under the “Misc” tab.


– As soon as ye apply a “50% XP Boost”, the XP ye gained in all battles, including successful Scouting attempts, Massed Attacks, Attack and Defense of all possible target types (Targets, Havens, Presidios, Prizes) will be increased by 50 %.


– 50% XP Booster influences yer position in the Ranking.


– Ye will be able to get the Item at the Smuggler’s Den, in the Global Tournaments, and in discount packages.


– This Item does not influence yer Tournament points except for the XP Tournament


Decoy Army


– Ye can purchase this Item with Rubies and Idols.


– This special Item duplicates the number of Units yer enemy will see in their Scouting Report, i.e. the Report makes it look as though ye have twice as many Units as ye actually do.


– If Player A activated a “Decoy Army” Item and was successfully scouted by Player B, Player B will receive a Scouting report showing that Player A has an

army double the size of his/her actual one. Once ye apply this Item, it will visually multiply the number of yer Units (except Scouting Units and Haven Guards) by two.


– The “Decoy Army” Item does not increase the actual size of the army.


– It does not apply to Reinforcements located in the Haven.


– Players that scouted yer Haven do not see that ye have an activated Item of this type.


Pillage, plunder, and murder to yer hearts’ content but remember that knowledge be yer lifesaver. Ahoy!

Full Protection

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