Everything about Blockades


Let’s consider 3 scurvy situations:


1. You blockaded another Haven and sent defensive Units as Reinforcements so that they strengthen your positions. If the blockaded Captain breaks your Blockade while yer Units are on their way, yer army will defend their Haven from attacks!

2. Ye send a Raid and a Blockade to a Haven at the same time. You blockade with Bonnie’s Beauties and raid with Frigates. Bonnie’s Beauties move faster, so they’ll arrive earlier and Blockade the Haven. When your Frigates arrive, they’ll find that the Haven is blockaded and will stay there as Reinforcements. Destroying such Blockades fills greedy Pirate hearts with great joy!

3. You blockaded Haven A and sent 10,000 Submarines as Reinforcements. While your Submarines

were still on their way, another sneaky Pirate called Pete destroyed yer Blockade and liberated the Haven. When your Submarines arrive in Haven A, they will not stay there as Reinforcements; they’ll fight Pete’s army! Moreover, ye’ll be considered an aggressor. I’ve heard talk, a few times, about the offensive values of 10,000 Submarines and their strength against a medium-sized defensive army… sometimes accompanied by laughter – bitter tears, though, be a lot more common!

Did you learn anything new? Then share some wisdom with your Maties!

Rrrraid and blockade other Havens!


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