Best gaming Browser

Best gaming Browser

Best browser

Best browser

Best gaming Browser

Which browser is best for playing MMOs and why is a question of increasing significance for gamers. Many don’t know (yet), how much the right browser choice can influence game performance. With the increasing popularity of browser games, it’s time to consider the options.


Many consider this browser especially suitable for managing hardware resources and dealing with JavaScript. In practice, Chrome delivers a smooth MMO experience and stable performance without freezing or stopping. Browsing the web, you’ll find almost uniformly positive feedback regarding the gaming experience with Chrome.


Firefox allows to play MMOs equally well and smooth. However, loading times are a bit longer than with Chrome. While our tests barely uncovered any problems, many players are critical. Some games are said to be unplayable or keep crashing. If you insist on playing with Firefox, interesting Add-Ons can speed up browsing and gaming performance.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s browser has never exactly been one of the fastest. More importantly, versions of Internet Explorer 8 as well as 9 and 10 are not provided with any further security updates from Windows 7 upwards. For this reason, Internet Explorer 8 is not recommended for MMO games.

Internet Explorer 11, on the other hand, is much more compatible with games, since Microsoft is now focusing more strongly on the development of browser games.

Edge, Opera and Safari

Safari, Apple’s own browser, is faster than Chrome and Firefox, according to Apple’s statement. However, you often hear about the browser crashing during certain MMOs. The biggest disadvantage of Safari is a small, but significant problem: For desktop computers, newer versions of Safari are not supported. Yet if you play on a Mac, Safari should be the standard browser.

Opera delivers a good performance, that is slightly above Firefox on average. However, this browser is lacking security features. Edge, Microsoft’s new browser for Windows 10 seems to work well for MMO games. Its current disadvantage is the lack of individualization or add-ons.


Taking account of our own impression

s and user’s voice, Chrome seems to be the best current browser for playing MMOs. Its integrated Flash makes is relatively safe from harmful online attacks. Firefox and Opera share a similar performance. All three browsers could be improved further for better gaming performance.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 – 10 should definitely be avoided for anyone running Windows 7 or higher. Security gaps due to missing security updates bear too high a risk. Apart from these browsers, there are further alternatives. Particularly the browser “Maxthon” is worth a look.

Best gaming Browser


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