Ultimate Spreading Virus Guide.

Ultimate Spreading Virus Guide.

Ultimate Spreading Virus Guide.

What you need:
– a FUD server
– a brain
– different accounts (you will know which later)

Structure of the guide:
1:Spreading via torrent
2:Spreading via social social engineering
3:Spreading via Youtube1: Spreading via torrent:
For spreading via torrent is a good binder required.
The easiest way of doing this is too download popular
A way of finding out which torrents are popular at the moment, is for
1:Choose one and download it
2:bind your virus to it
3:upload to different torrent sites
The most popular torrent tracker (public):
– Kick Ass Torrents.com
– Torrent Funk
– Isohunt.com
– thepiratbay.org
– btjunkie.org
– (Demonoid) /It is a private tracker so you need a invite
– There are many more! You can visit http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/peersharing/a/ torrent_search.htm
What is important?
– find seeder for your torrent
– write a detailed description
– use pictures

2: Social Engineering
This one is my favorite way of spreading.
You have to play with

the people’s dreams and wishes.
There are many ways to do this. Most important is to be creative.
I will show you two as an example now.
(There is a high chance of getting steam accounts)
There are a lot of gaming forums in the web.
Try to upload your virus as a game mod or patch.
Chatting :
Use websites like http://www.321teenchat.com/
Write them that you want to chat with them.
Find out what they like. Finally send them your link.

3: Youtube.com
1. make about 10 copies of your virus
2. rename them to:
-World of Warcraft GameCard Generator
-Runescape PIN Generator
-Steam Game Adder
-Facebook password finder
-Zynga Poker Chips hack
-Cabal online BOT
-World of Warcraft auto levler cheat
-Software Cracker
-Rsbots auth generator
-Microsoft Serial Generator
-Counter Strike Source Hack
-World of Warcraft GameCard Generator -Free accounts
-WOW bot
-Steam account cracker
3:You can leech videos from “Youtube.com” or make you
own videos with “camstudio” for example.
4:If you chose to make your own video,you have to
download fake apps or make your own with “Visual
Basic”. Ultimate Spreading Virus Guide.
5:Upload your video and write a good description.
(mention how you get the app)
6:Ask in different forums if they can vouch your

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