Take down youtube videos

Take down Youtube videos

Take down Youtube videos

This method is written by me and hopefully you
get this tutorial. It’s best used for individuals that has taken your content without asking you. It’s war out there. Pick your weapons wise.

The key for social engineering is a reliable
message, we will be targetting peoples fear.
A normal reaction from a youtuber who see a
copyright complain is a instant youtube video
removal to avoid this issue and safety of the
persons youtube account.This means we will have to send a reliable
looking email that looks exactly like the real
youtube privacy violation email.
However, for this to look real you cannot just
send it from any email account, we need to
send a spoofed email, this means we need to
use an online email spoofing service.
We will be using the reliable non-logging email
spoofing service: http://emkei.cz/
So in the field “From Name:” you will type:
YouTube Support
Next step is to fill out the field “From E-mail:”
you will type: support@support.youtube.com
You will just fill out the field “To:” with your
target’s email.
Subject: YouTube SupportNow in the big message field called “text” you
will type following content you see below.
(Make sure to modify Youtube account to the
Youtube account and the video url to the
actually video url and the time to the actually

Dear Youtube account,
This is to notify you that we have receiv

ed a privacy complaint from an individual
regarding your content:
Video URL: http://youtube.com/url
The information is reported as a privacy violation, found at 0_00, 0_28
The complaint will be reviewed by the YouTube Team and may be removed or legal actions
may be taken against you because of violation of our Privacy Guidelines. For more
information, please review our Privacy Guidelines
http://www.youtube.com/t/privacy_guidelines   ”

You will now press the button send and the
spoofed email will be sent to your target and
hopefully we get him tricked and he delete his
youtube video because of fear.

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