Skype Noise (Background Noise) Solution

Skype noise

Well, many of us have faced this problem. I faced too. Probably you faced it too. I am here to bring some possible solutions.
I should share what happened with me. I kept hearing background noise even when my friend muted his microphone. I thought it was problem in Skype server, or maybe in my connection – but I didn’t hear any noise when I voice chatted using my mobile phone Skype. I heard less noise even when I used Skype Windows 8 version as well. Something else must be at work here.
One possible problem is that the Microphone has boost settings enabled – which includes unnecessary noise. But if turning it off (I turned it off) does not work, what do you do?
Here is what I did.
Skype noise
1. Turned off automatic volume control of microphone settings. It continuously tries to adjust – never liked it..
2. Turned off automatic volume control of speakers. It continuously tries to adjust as well.
3. Here is the most important part, and this was the solution I kept looking for. I reduced the speaker volume.By default – the speaker volume and microphone volume are at 100%. Because the person you are talking with is not using a high recording volume – you will get less sound. However, your Skype will try to boost it to 100% – making lots of background noises. That is exactly why I kept hearing background noise – even when the person I was talking with muted his microphone.
Let me know if this works for you 🙂

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