How to Enable JetPack in WordPress

How to Enable JetPack in WordPress

In this tutorial, you will learn:

How to create a account.How to install and activate JetPack.How to connect JetPack with your account.

JetPack extends the abilities of a hosted web site, and many of its features are reliant on the servers. We have the ability to use JetPack on our self-hosted WordPress web sites using the JetPack plugin, but we must connect our site to a account to open up its many features. Let’s go through those steps quickly right now.

First, point your web browser to This will allow you to create an account without having to also create a web site.Fill in the registration form with an email address, username and password.Click the Create My Account button.Click the Confirm Now button in your email to Activate your account.Now, back inside your self-hosted WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins and then Add New to install JetPack.You should see JetPack by right away in the Featured section, otherwise do a search for JetPack by, click on Insta

ll Now, and then Activate.Now, click the Connect to button. You should already be logged into your account from the previous steps.Authorize your web site with your account by clicking the Approve button.For now, click on the Select Free button to move along with this tutorial.

The JetPack Settings menu should now be available for you within the WordPress Dashboard of your self-hosted web site, to allow you to customize your JetPack experience.

Your JetPack account is free, but you can always upgrade at any time for more advanced security and backup options.

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