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Persian Positions Tips for new Sparta players in sparta war of empires

Persian Positions Tips By Aaron Janusz   **CAUTION** The information and calculations below contain estimates and assumptions based on experiences with hundreds of Persian Positions. They will provide a very good estimate, but are just that, estimates. All of the information above will give you a general idea of how to scout and attack or defend the Persian Positions and minimize troop loss. With some additional information and some more detailed calculations you can fine tune your analysis and come

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Galley trick In this video, I will show you how to Galley trick and be able to raid 100k resources from any city that it has over 100k without having to trouble yourself much!   What you will need to do and have  to do this correctly. Scout for cities  Find the ones that have in total 100k+ resource (make sure to guess the acropolis level of the town) Send your raid When your raid gets to 15 seconds or close

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