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iPhone SE

iPhone SE There’s a part of me that doesn’t understand why Apple gets the amount of interest it does with something like the iPhone SE. It’s a phone that’s in an identical chassis to the one released three years ago, and beyond a new color it’s impossible to know which model is which. It’s the iPhone ‘Special Edition’. Then I look around the train carriage on the way to work and count the amount of iPhone 5S and 5 devices

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Hands-on review: Sony Xperia XA Ultra

Sony Xperia XA Ultra If you’re wondering why there are so many big-screen phones out there at the moment, then you’re probably missing the point. They’re designed to hit a certain market, a more youthful user that cares less about phoning their parents and wants more to take pictures of themselves and browse the web or use apps. Well, that’s the theory that Sony’s putting forward for the reason it’s created the Sony Xperia XA Ultra – a large-screen version

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Review: Nexus 6P

Nexus 6P The Nexus 6P is Google’s current flagship Android phablet, but with a 5.7-inch display and cheaper price it won’t stretch your hand or your wallet quite as far as its predecessor, the Nexus 6. The ‘P’ in the Nexus 6P’s name stands for ‘Premium’, thanks to its all-metal unibody design that’s meant to rival the aluminum iPhone 6S Plus and glass-and-metal infused Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s the bigger and more sophisticated-looking version

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 The Samsung Galaxy S7 finds itself in a slightly tricky situation. Samsung needed a big win from the Galaxy S6 in 2015, which it got after reinventing the design of its flagship smartphone, but you’re not going to get the same degree of evolution again just a year later. This means the Galaxy S7 falls firmly into the iterative camp, building on the solid foundations laid by its predecessor without fiddling with the winning formula too much.

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Is Motorola’s iconic Razr V3 flip phone staging a comeback?

Few mobile devices are as iconic as Motorola’s Razr V3. Originally released in the third quarter of 2004, the impossibly thin flip phone was an instant hit in the pre-smartphone era. Motorola ultimately sold more than 130 million units, making it one of the best-selling mobile phones of all-time. Now, it would appear as though Motorola is planning to reincarnate the popular clamshell. Motorola, now a Lenovo-owned company, recently posted a YouTube video described as a look back to the

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