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Is prospecting profitable in Legion ?

There are many discussions about prospecting and many good calculations. Like this great excel sheet, yet I am too lazy to fill in an excel sheet to determine if prospecting is profitable or not, there must be an easier way. Using the formulas from the above excel sheet and the proc rates shared by Lazy-Goldmaker I made an easy one click TSM shopping card operation to see if mass prospecting is profitable. >DISCLAIMER: prospecting is RNG and these are theoretical

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Is prospecting profitable?

Is prospecting profitable?   Hello Guys, Many are keep wondering if Is prospecting profitable. After months of watching the market and analyzing the buyer habits, I came to the conclusion that it totally worth it only IF the market is totally ruined by farming Bots. For example, In twisting Nether (horde side)  [Felslate] is on 19g each and  [Leystone Ore] on 8-9g Each. What does that mean? That you can buy, stockpile everything and on the busy days you choose if

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