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Gold making, leveling and raiding guides!

Best places to Farm Bloods with Skinning

Best places to Farm Bloods with Skinning Bloods as we know are the most important mat in Legion but yet the hardest to come by. As a skinner with a bloodhunter shoulder enchant you can pretty much gain them extermely easily! But, the true question is,  where are the Best places to Farm Bloods with Skinning? -Are the goats in Highmountain -> -the Crabs in Stormheim -If you’re a twink skinner you can do the EoA crabs and HoV right

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Best spots for Shal’dorei silk farming in 7.1.5 .

Shal’dorei silk farming in 7.1.5 . Is it still possible? In this guide I will tell you the newest and non nerfed spots for the best Silk farm. One ne of the newer Suramar quest lines, as long as you do not complete it you have a personal farming spot with lots of tightly packed elves to kill with aid from NPCS. ) Kobold farming in a group in Highmountain Tthe murlocs in Azsuna, it’s one of the best right

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TSM Web API Update – Specify Data Fields

TSM recently made some changes to the way the TSM Web API functions to hopefully make it more accessible. Previously, each endpoint provided all of the following fields in its response:   [ { “Id”: 0, “Name”: “string”, “Level”: 0, “Class”: “string”, “SubClass”: “string”, “VendorBuy”: 0, “VendorSell”: 0, “MarketValue”: 0, “MinBuyout”: 0, “Quantity”: 0, “NumAuctions”: 0, “HistoricalPrice”: 0, “RegionMarketAvg”: 0, “RegionMinBuyoutAvg”: 0, “RegionQuantity”: 0, “RegionHistoricalPrice”: 0, “RegionSaleAvg”: 0, “RegionAvgDailySold”: 0, “RegionSaleRate”: 0 } ] This would cause some issues in

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Is prospecting profitable in Legion ?

There are many discussions about prospecting and many good calculations. Like this great excel sheet, yet I am too lazy to fill in an excel sheet to determine if prospecting is profitable or not, there must be an easier way. Using the formulas from the above excel sheet and the proc rates shared by Lazy-Goldmaker I made an easy one click TSM shopping card operation to see if mass prospecting is profitable. DISCLAIMER: prospecting is RNG and these are theoretical

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Is prospecting profitable?

Is prospecting profitable?   Hello Guys, Many are keep wondering if Is prospecting profitable. After months of watching the market and analyzing the buyer habits, I came to the conclusion that it totally worth it only IF the market is totally ruined by farming Bots. For example, In twisting Nether (horde side)  [Felslate] is on 19g each and  [Leystone Ore] on 8-9g Each. What does that mean? That you can buy, stockpile everything and on the busy days you choose if

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Blizzard Bans boosting services for Real-Money!

Blizzard Bans boosting services for Real-Money! That’s a Blue post on the WoW forums stating that people who offer boosting services, in pvp,pve and raid progression for real money is against Their ToS and they will Get banned. ‘We’ve recently taken action against a number of accounts that were actively participating in and/or advertising the sale of in-game raid or dungeon clears in exchange for real-world currency. Such behavior is a clear violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of

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Where is Seymour?

Where is Seymour? Seymour for the quest Seymour and Agnes is extremely hard to spot unless you know where to look, I’d originally failed to spot him and thought he’d be in a cave! He’s at the TOP of the cliff, just by a dead Adult Squallhunter, tucked in round a tree. Exact coordinates for TomTom users: /way Stormheim 45.75 25.73 Seymour

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