Nords: Heroes of the North

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A villainous Ice Queen and her army of undead have brought an eternal winter upon the Nordic kingdom of Shingard. Only by combining the craft of Men, the strength of Orcs, and the magic of the Elves can the power of the Obelisks be harnessed to fend her off. As one of King Bjorn’s Lord Marshals, you’ll have to keep these three factions from fighting amongst themselves in your Stronghold. Train them for war and send them to battle against the Cold Legions, or your fiercest rivals!

Forge alliances with other players, fortify your Stronghold, collect Resources, and sign Blood Pacts to make sure your army comes out on top, and try to stop the zombies from turning your homeland into a giant walk-in meat freezer.

Achievement: Heroes of Shingård

 Achievement: Heroes of Shingård Lord Marshal! Would you and your Clanmates like to be named “Heroes of Shingård?” Well, it’s easier than you think! To earn this Achievement, every Warrior from your Clan must ruthlessly demand Daily Offerings from the peasantry! “Heroes of Shingård” has 10 levels to complete: 1) 11,700 Daily Offerings 2) 28,800 Daily Offerings 3) 43,200 Daily Offerings 4) 57,600 Daily Offerings 5) 99,000 Daily Offerings 6) 132,000 Daily Offerings 7) 187,500 Daily Offerings 8) 225,000 Daily

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Stashes General Information in Nords: Heroes from the North

Stashes General Information OVERVIEW Stashes are special Resource sites that hold one of several different types of Resources: Fish, Mushrooms, Fire Ale, Magic or Emeralds. They also differ in size according to the player’s levels: low-level players can see only small Stashes, mid-level players will see medium-sized Stashes that yield more Resources, and high-level players can fight for the Stashes with the biggest Resource reserves. This way, less experienced Lord Marshals will have a more even playing field, and will

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