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Maximize your Denarii production!

Maximize your Denarii production! Q: First things first, How is denarii used in this game? A: It is used to buy specialized Roman troops, such as Gladiators and Legionaries. Today’s tip is for the Denarii currency. Some must know already but most I am pretty sure they do not. Most people just click on the exchange rss to denarii according to their time schedule or if they just want to put 2300 for 2300 and just update it daily. DId you

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Prepare for ToS raid release (how to)

Prepare for ToS raid release (how to)   Tomb of sargeras expansion is upon us! Are you prepared? Well, if not, check out this small guide! With the coming release of a new raid in mid June You should start stockpiling materials to capitalize on. I wanted to put out my list of mats I am stockpiling for those who might not be as keen or knowledgeable on what to pick up while the prices are low. Felslate/leystone ore: prospect for

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Blood of Sargeras Vendor Macro

Blood of Sargeras Vendor Macro (Updated)   /script BuyMerchantItem(1) Order Resources Cach /script BuyMerchantItem(2) Lean Shank /script BuyMerchantItem(3) Fatty Bearsteak /script BuyMerchantItem(4) Big Gamy Ribs /script BuyMerchantItem(5) Leyblood /script BuyMerchantItem(6) Wildfowl Egg /script BuyMerchantItem(7) Cursed Queenfish /script BuyMerchantItem(8) Mossgill Perch /script BuyMerchantItem(9) Highmountain Salmon /script BuyMerchantItem(10) Stormray /script BuyMerchantItem(11) Runescale Koi /script BuyMerchantItem(12) Black Barracuda /script BuyMerchantItem(13) Aethril /script BuyMerchantItem(14) Dreamleaf /script BuyMerchantItem(15) Foxflower /script BuyMerchantItem(16) Fjaneskagll /script BuyMerchantItem(17) Starlight Rose /script BuyMerchantItem(18) Leystone /script BuyMerchantItem(19) Felstate /script BuyMerchantItem(20) Stonehide

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Guide to Obtaining and Selling WoW Token

Guide to Obtaining and Selling the WoW Token The  WoW Token allows players to buy game time with gold in-game, or buy game time with real money and sell that game time via a token for gold in-game. This guide covers how to buy and sell the WoW Token. Want to know the price of the tokens? Check out or “Today in Broken Isles” on Wowhead’s front page. WoW Token Basics WoW Tokens provides a more fluid way for

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Defiled Augment Runes Farm Nerf!

Defiled Augment Runes Farm is getting nerfed! If you’ve been making gold by stockpiling Defiled Augment Runes selling them on Tuesdays when raids reset or with a new raid release, don’t make this in 7.2. You can acquire Defiled Augment Runes easily through World Quests now when a building that grants the Heavily Augmented buff is active and the item will become even more common. Many players will be farming the Broken Shore for gear with their alts, so we will see a huge increase of

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Patch 7.2 Wow Return to the Broken Shore

Patch 7.2 Wow Return to the Broken Shore   Blizzard published an official preview of the Broken Shore and content tied to it, such as the intro assault, the Armies of Legionfall faction, defense structures and the Sentinax. We already covered most of the content. Assault on the Broken Shore The Sentinax A Legion battleship crusing the Broken Shore that summons powerful monsters. More information can be foundhere. Cathedral of Eternal Night Here’s the official preview of the new four-boss dungeon and below

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Blizzard Sues Honnorbudy Creator for $8.74 Million dollars!

Blizzard Sues Honnorbudy! It was about time wasn’t it? Please note that the use of third-party software (also known as “bots”) is against the ToS and will get your account suspended. This article is purely informative and doesn’t promote botting in any way. Blizzard has filed a motion for default judgment against Bossland, the creator of third-party automation software (also knowns as bots) and the company demands a total sum of $8,740,235.41 for damages caused by the creator. Bossland is well-known for

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What to disenchant for blood of sargeras?

Disenchant for blood of Sargeras is the most common and if not the easiest, one of the most easy ways to acquire blood of Sargeras. What should I DE to get them?Which Proffesion should I have and what item gives the most chaos crystal? The two winners here is tailoring/leatherworking. In both proffesions we craft the same equivalent item which is ‘bracers’. Both cost either 9 shaldorei silk or 9 stonehide/stormscale (depending on the mat price) leather. Usually you choose

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