Internet Safety

Internet is a dark place for people who do not know what vile dangers it hides. We will make it safer by providing knowledge and tools. Internet Safety is the most prior every online user should take into consideration about having a nice experience online without the fear of getting hijacked or hacked.Our team will be providing you amazing guides and tutorials of how to be safe, anonymous online and understand everything that might be hiding online and could be a danger to you or to your family. Especially for kids who play online games or get tricked into giving their personal information to strangers in order to take something for free. We want internet to be a safe place for everybody.

Who unfriended me on Facebook?

Who unfriended me on Facebook? There’s nothing worse than wondering if someone you care about quietly snuck out the back door of your digital life. Except, of course, that feeling that comes after you confirm they have unfollowed you, and you’re left wondering what post, photo, or caption finally pushed them over the edge. There are all sorts of reasons why you may want to find out who is unfollowing you on social media. Maybe you’re concerned about your personal

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Ultimate Spreading Virus Guide.

Ultimate Spreading Virus Guide. What you need: – a FUD server – a brain – different accounts (you will know which later) Structure of the guide: 1:Spreading via torrent 2:Spreading via social social engineering 3:Spreading via Youtube1: Spreading via torrent: For spreading via torrent is a good binder required. The easiest way of doing this is too download popular torrents. A way of finding out which torrents are popular at the moment, is for example: 1:Choose one and download

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Take down youtube videos

Take down Youtube videos This method is written by me and hopefully you get this tutorial. It’s best used for individuals that has taken your content without asking you. It’s war out there. Pick your weapons wise. The key for social engineering is a reliable message, we will be targetting peoples fear. A normal reaction from a youtuber who see a copyright complain is a instant youtube video removal to avoid this issue and safety of the persons youtube account.This

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How to hide .EXE into a .jpg

.EXE into a .jpg ,is possible?Yes it is ! Set up: 1. Must have a .zip or .rar compressor. 2. Willingness to learn. Steps: 1. Save the picture of choice to your desktop. 2. Make a new .rar or .zip folder on your desktop. 3. Add the files you want to hide into the .zip or .rar 4. Click start menu, run, cmd. 5. In Command Prompt type cd “desktop” with the quotation marks. 6. Now type in copy /b

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CCleaner gets hit by a nasty malware infection

Popular system maintenance tool CCleaner has been compromised by a serious malware infection, which is a particularly embarrassing incident given that the app was bought up by antivirus giant Avast back in the summer. According to security outfit Cisco Talos, if you downloaded CCleaner version 5.33 from Avast (or used CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191), then it was blighted with a multi-stage malware payload. Fortunately, the Surface Pro 4 has fine alternative solutions built-in The security firm speculates that an external

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The best free registry cleaner 2017

 best free registry cleaner 2017 The Windows registry is a database containing almost all your PC’s hardware and software settings. (There are some exceptions, like portable apps, which keep their settings in a separate text file.) When you uninstall a program, its registry keys should be removed too, but this doesn’t always happen. There are lots of cleanup tools that promise to improve your PC’s performance by erasing unused keys from the registry. They’re unlikely to cause any damage, but

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Should I Keep My Tech’s Serial Numbers Private?

Should I Keep My Tech’s Serial Numbers Private? Every electronic device you own—your phone, laptop, mouse, keyboard, and every other piece of tech—has a unique serial number. But are those numbers best kept private, like passwords, or is it alright if someone else sees them? A serial number is a unique identifier assigned to a device during the manufacturing process. It’s not necessarily a number—serial numbers can contain letters and symbols as well as numbers. One device’s serial number may look like

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What Is Cloudflare, and Did It Really Leak My Data All Over the Internet?

What Is Cloudflare, and Did It Really Leak My Data All Over the Internet? Over the past few months, a bug in the popular Cloudflare service may have exposed sensitive user data—including usernames, passwords, and private messages—to the world in plain text. But how big is this problem, and what should you do? Cloudflare is a service that offers security and performance features (among other things) to a wide network of websites. It acts as a reverse proxy, a middleman

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What Is “Developer Mode” in Windows 10?

What Is “Developer Mode” in Windows 10? If you dig through Windows 10’s settings, you may come across something called “Developer Mode”. When put into Developer Mode, Windows allows you to more easily test apps you’re developing, use the Ubuntu Bash shell environment, change a variety of developer-focused settings, and do other such things. This setting is available in the Settings app. To access it, head to Settings > Update & Security > For Developers and select “Developer mode”. Your

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