Best offense units to raid enemy cities.

Best offense units to raid enemy cities. This was a big question, true. What’s the best offense units I can send so i can raid an enemy city?The best solution to this is 150-160 Spartan Promachos Or Sarrisophoros. By sending this type and number of units, you can still raid up to 100k resources if the enemy has no def at all at their city and also even if he got some you will loose very few and still get

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Discover Spies in Sparta War of empires

Discover Spies in Sparta How to discover who is spying in your coal! (TuT) by Prometheus. Archons! Did you ever feel that your coalition has way to many spies? I am pretty sure that a lot of coalition has at least one spy in their ranks giving out intel to other coalitions about army statistics, strategies that you try to keep hidden and the most important, capital and pantheon defensive statistics! Especially, when the capital/pvp tours are on players usually

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Master Sparta Good day, Archons of Sparta! My name is FastRed. I have created a guide with some advice and information that will prove useful as you start out on your journey through the game. Ten Top Tips: It is my hope that with the following tips you will develop into a truly great player.  1. Send Friend Requests to your fellow Coalition Members. If you do, you will never be short of Friends who might be able to help

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Best Free PokemonGo bots.

Best Free PokemonGo bots. The latest Pokémon Go update is blocking iOS and Android devices that have been jailbroken or rooted in a bid to further clamp down on ‘cheating’ with bots and scrapers. Here’s what you need to know about the latest changes, how bots like Necrobot work, and what you should consider before using one to visit Pokéstops, evolve Pokémon, or level up on your behalf. WHAT IS A POKÉMON GO BOT? In short, bots are fake Pokémon

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Changing your Trainer nickname

Change trainer nickname Changing your Trainer nickname Android: v 0.33+ iOS: v 1.3.0+ If you would like to change your Trainer nickname, you can change it within the Settings menu. You can only change your nickname once, so choose wisely. Keep in mind that your nickname will be displayed to other Trainers. To change your nickname: In Map View, touch the Main Menu At the top right, touch Settings  Touch the Change Nickname menu option Note: If you cannot see

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How may I change the Password and the Email Address verified of the Pokémon GO Account bought

Change password pokemonGo How may I change the verified Email Address? Via the Official Site, log into your Pokémon GO account Here comes the “Edit Profile” page, replace the old Email Address by your new one; Scroll down the page and click on “save”, an Email will be sent to the new Email Address; Click on the link in the mail, the Email Address gets verified with success. How may I change the Password? Via the Official Site, log

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